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React Summarization

1. Javascript versions
ES5 (standardized in 2009-support by all browsers )

ES 2015 (ES6)
ES 2016
ES 2017
ES 2018

Feature of ES6

2. Tools

3. React3.1 JSXBrowser don't understand jsx, Tool(babel) will convert jsx to js

- Use semantic-ui
- Use  for fake data and  install by npm
- Reusable component, Nested component

3.2 ProsSystem for passing data from a parent component to a child component, goal to customize or config child component

- Pass a normal data to a child component

  pass : <Comment name="mike" />


- Pass a content (component or html) to a child component

<ApprovalCard><Comment name="mike"/></ApprovalCard>
<ApprovalCard><h2>Are you sure to delete ?</h2></ApprovalCard>

  get: pros.children

3.3 State:- …